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Horizon is the most up-to-date and innovative Xbox 360 modding tool on the market. In seconds you can achieve 100% completion along with unlimited health, endless ammunition, bank loads of cash, and so much more for your favorite games. With a few clicks you can unlock those achievements and avatar awards for games you just can't beat while using Horizon’s incredible user interface, built with the casual gamer in mind. The program is updated frequently with the latest and greatest tools, making the possibilities endless, and modding for you, a cinch.

You can download here: HORIZON

Below is a list of things you can do as a basic member (free) or diamond member (paid).

Site and Forum Basic Diamond Descriptions
Active Community Yes Yes You don't have to be a diamond member to be part of our active community!
Latest Mods Yes Yes Everybody on XboxMB has access to latest Xbox 360 mods.
NO ADS Nno Yes Remove all advertisements when you upgrade to diamond.
Avatar Dimensions 100x100 120x120 The maximum size your forum avatar can be.
Animated Avatar Nno Yes Can have an animated GIF as their avatar.
Exclusive Forum Boards Nno Yes Recieve access to exclusive forum boards for discussion, including a Download section!
Exclusive Contests and Giveaways Nno Yes Enter exclusive contests and giveaways for your chance to earn awesome prizes!
Personal Motto Nno Yes Have your own personal motto that displays throughout the forums!
Shoutbox 1 2 Join chats with fellow diamond members in an exclusive diamond-only shoutbox.
Colored Username Nno Yes Get a green colored username.
Join Social Groups Yes Yes Anybody can join a social group on XboxMB.
Create a Social Group Nno Yes Diamond members can create their own social group and limit who can join it!
PM Storage Limit 100 1000 Recieve an increased PM Storage Limit.
Priority Support Yes Yes Recieve faster support in the forums for XboxMB and Horizon.

Horizon Basic Diamond Descriptions
Avatar Color Editor Yes Yes Change your avatar's colors to ones not normally available in the Xbox Avatar Editor!
Gamer Picture Manager Yes Yes Create gamer picture packs and change your gamer pic to whatever you want!
Gamercard Viewer Yes Yes Search for gamertags and view their profile data including gamerscore, recent games, reputation, and gamerzone. Download all avatar/gamer pictures!
Package Manage Yes Yes View, extract, and inject STFS Packages and their Contents.
Rehash and Resign Yes Yes Horizon automatically rehashes and resigns your packages whenever you hit a save button!
Title ID Finder Yes Yes Search for games and find their Title IDs and vice versa. Also save the game covers!
Theme Creator Yes Yes Create themes for your dashboard using your own, custom images!
Mod Popular Xbox 360 Titles Yes Yes
Moddable Games Basic Diamond
Alan Wake Nno Yes
Assassin's Creed II Yes Yes
Bayonetta Yes Yes
Bionic Commando Yes Yes
Borderlands Yes Yes
Brink Yes Yes
Brutal Legend Yes Yes
Bulletstorm Yes Yes
Castle Crashers Yes Yes
Crackdown Yes Yes
Crackdown 2 Yes Yes
Crysis 2 Nno Yes
Dead Rising 2 Nno Yes
Dead Space Yes Yes
Dead Space 2 Nno Yes
Devil May Cry 4 Yes Yes
DiRT 2 Nno Yes
F.E.A.R. Yes Yes
F.E.A.R. 2 Nno Yes
Forza Motorsport 3 Nno Yes
Gears of War Yes Yes
Gears of War 2 Yes Yes
Grand Theft Auto IV Yes Yes
Halo 3 Yes Yes
Halo 3: ODST Nno Yes
Halo: Reach Nno Yes
Just Cause 2 Yes Yes
Left 4 Dead 2 Yes Yes
Marble Blast Ultra Yes Yes
Metro 2033 Yes Yes
N+ Yes Yes
NFS: Hot Pursuit Yes Yes
Naruto Ninja Storm 2 Yes Yes
Oblivion Yes Yes
Plants vs. Zombies Yes Yes
Quake Arena Arcade Nno Yes
Red Faction: Guerrilla Yes Yes
The Saboteur Yes Yes
Sonic The Hedgehog Yes Yes
Star Wars: TFU2 Yes Yes
Super Meat Boy Yes Yes
Swarm Yes Yes
Test Drive Unlimited Yes Yes
Test Drive Unlimited 2 Yes Yes
WET Yes Yes
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Nno Yes
Normal Shoutbox Yes Yes Get access to the normal Shoutbox built into the program. It's also integrated with the one on the forums.
Diamond Shoutbox Nno Yes Get access to the diamond Shoutbox built into the program. It's also integrated with the one on the forums.
Memory Unit Explorer Yes Yes Ability to use the FATX Explorer to explore all official Xbox 360 formatted devices! Never have to manually extract or inject files!
Account Editor Yes Yes Modify the account information stored in your profile. This does NOT let you change your gamertag for free!
Achievement Unlocker Nno Yes Unlock achievements for games that you've never even played before. Uses methods that keep your modifications undetectable!
Avatar Award Unlocker Nno Yes Unlock avatar awards for games that you've never even played before. Uses methods that keep your modifications undetectable!
Game Adder Nno Yes Add games to your profile that you've never even played before! Adds all awards and achievements.
Modify Xbox LIVE Profile Yes Yes Modify your Reputation, Gamerzone, Motto, Location, Name, and Bio straight from Horizon!
Crown Modder Yes Yes Never seen before: You can now change your Crown, which is the number of years you've been a gold member!
Custom Theme Yes Yes Customize your Horizon theme to any color you choose! Now it's getting personal.
Easter Eggs Yes Yes Find Easter Eggs put in by the Horizon developers!